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I like to code so while I was developing my projects I've always created an "utils", or "helper" package with general purpose classes duplicating the code when I needed to use them in a different project.

I've finally decided to stop and gradually group my various "utils" packages in the same place, here, with continuous integration tests and documentation so I can count on them when I need them.

I've decided to publish this project under the BSD 3-Clause License for anybody to use it if they happen to need anything of it.

A final word, this is a work in progress, so expect the unexpected.

API Documentation

The java API documentation it's available here


Coverage Status


Some words on how to use this library.

With maven

My favorite project management tool it's Apache Maven, so I've just documented how to use this library with it, just modify your pom.xml with the following snippets.

Add the repository to the list of repositories
Add a released dependency for this jar...
...Or if you like adventures the snapshot master version